Plant a Tree Action

A gift for the earth is a gift for yourself!
From December 21, 2021 Winter Solstice until March 22, 2022 Spring Equinox.
With each new registration or renewal of PFI membership 2 EUR will be donated for the PFI Plant a Tree Action 2021-22.
Every other donation for this purpose will be raised by 1 EUR.
More new members, more renewals of membership and many donations to the PFI Plant a Tree Action means more trees can be planted.
In the past we also had a ‘plant a tree action’ and as a direct result have adopted a project in West Bengal, INDIA. The ‘Mango Tree planting’ project. With this new action we will continue to support this project.
We have also supported ‘Trees for all’ (NL and international) and the Black Jaguar Foundation (NL and Brazil)
We have seen how important it is to plant as many trees as we can to help offset CO2 emissions.
Help us to help those who are working tirelessly to reforest our Earth, our home. Every cent helps!
For payment and donations please include your name and ‘Tree action 21-22’:

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